Students mentoring is our new approach where students who are in confusion, stress and under anxiety may get the help of us (www.mind-eye.in) on how to stay relieved by practising suggested life skill in a methodical way with the help of parents of them.

Parents of students are the source of anxiety if they don’t have any control of their own anxiety and tension. So parents need to have good knowledge of our process of mentoring and also they are responsible being watchful how their children are growing with the help of alternative way of learning to tackle the life stress.

students's mentoring

The entire process is divided into few steps:

  • Concentration practice
  • How to stay motivated being soothing the process of achievement of goal and target
  • Increasing the skill of alternative way of thinking in coping up with the newly generated stress of life as stress is natural
  • Communication practice for expressing what students actually think being free of all hesitations: the whole environment should be resistance free
  • Vocational skill development using their own suggestions and competencies just to prove to themselves how confident they are to make it in reality only by using their intellect with a pinch of courage to develop more.
  • Many more on the basis of demand of the process.

Once in a week for 2-hr a day on condition

  1. students should have regularity
  2. parents should have positive mind-set and enthusiasm
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