• How to overcome loneliness
  • Feeling of Insecurity
  • Management of empty nest problem
  • Depression being left by son/daughter because of either service or higher studies
  • Consistently low mood
  • Physiological incapability: because of illness or any other chronic disease
  • Agony from loss of spouse
  • Lack of confidence because of friends’ sudden death
  • old-age illness


We organise our senior Citizen Care by introducing 1:1 setup: it takes place in two ways:

  1. They are helped by other seniors: comparatively active seniors influence less active seniors: this approaches creates an enthusiasm among themselves
  2. A self-help group is automatically  formed

The process encourages them  positive living with colours/creative concepts/ crafts: slogan of our senior citizen care is,

Finding BEAUTY in imperfection from SHAPE to DE-SHAPE: this concept confirms them to lead a POSITIVE LIVING

8  Ashimbabu-1.


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