The entire process is dedicated to the people who need to be  vocationally able for,

  • Physical Fitness
  • Emotional Happiness
  • Keeping occupied in creativity & also
  • generating  income by developing some sort of vocational skill

Mind’s Eye finds it necessary to explore a way that helps  special people to lead a life full of creativity.

Our special people  are of two types:

  • Special people of differently able type who need to stay lively and emotionally healthy by developing vocational skill  for attending some sorts of income generating programme
  • Special people of other kind are  senior citizens, middle aged ladies/gents who are under EMPTY NEST Syndrome( sons and daughters are somewhere else/stay in other places): they need to stay vibrant and lively; art therapy programme will be a great help for them. It helps them to stay free of all stress of living and keeps them in the peace of mind if they follow the process regularly either in a group or individual level as per their personality.


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