The program includes

  1. Career Selection using Assessment to know Potential/Interest/Aptitude( Class-IX-XII)
  2. Education Counselling(VI-XII)
  3. Students’ Counselling( Toddlers-XII)
  4. Concentration problem etc. ( Toddlers-XII)
  5. Adolescent Counselling covering students’ relationship break up, depression, anxiety etc.( Students of any education Level)





Who can join us?

Schools, colleges, local clubs, any corporate houses for their staff’s children can connect with us for Career Counselling program and students’ development (CSR) at their premises.

 From the desk of Dr Rupa Talukdar

Career is the ultimatum; students are required to orient themselves towards career studies appropriately.

 First step is to know your

  • Strength/weakness
  • Abilities
  • Effort and
  • Talent

This requires a family involvement as a student can only comes to know his personality potential when it is honestly spotted by close relatives of his/her.

Everyone has some fundamental abilities that s/he should have good knowledge of it:  Career Counselling helps pupils to know the concept of it. Effort is the drive to achieve goal and targets; talent is the inherent skill spontaneously getting involved when anyone put an effort to achieve career wise.


Moreover, career counseling has 8-components that each student should have good idea of it, counseling turns pupils realistic and knowledgeable about the present hottest skills and eligibility of ‘self’.

Career Assessment helps student get an emotional mapping and clear picture of the same. Mapping helps students to know both weakness and strength: the purpose is to weaken the weakness and strengthen the strength. This way a student can enhance his/her potential.


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