I must be thankful to the College to give me scope to work with students in a 1:1 set up as it helps a lot to students to solve doubt being personal and also interact with student to know them better.

Personality development is the primary work in students’ life, it includes many aspects; but most important part is to understand the major work of students’ life.


Studentship helps to know and learn more to facilitate in building life for independent living. For this students need to

  • Recognize “my” demand at the time of interaction with the world outside
  • To know the availability of scopes related to demand: now-a-days it is easier to know as we are all internet friendly-so it is only mouse click away from us- only we need the stipulated urge to know it at time
  • Dare to dream and courage to fulfill it utilizing available scopes
  • To be self dependent

This mindset will push students towards career build-up process: which is called career orientation. This helps each student to grow for leading an independent life.

When a student is motivated career wise, his/her body language will change; what is it?

  • will be confident
  • will be more knowledgeable
  • is ready to struggle for fulfilling dream
  • it reduces restlessness
  • it helps to be directed positively to touch the DREAM

The entire process will help student to be more assertive and enthusiastic: that will motivate others to orient in the same way.

In this way personality grows and glows both.

The entire process will help to build up career and develop personality for independent living.

The process involves

  1. to know personality potential: strength and weakness both: enhancement of strength will help to overcome the weakness
  2. brain orientation: the left and right : the two have two different trends
  3. the intelligence type
  4. making of skill efficacy literature: to know skill implying the activity/work,
  • I feel comfortable
  • I feel attracted
  • I am competent
  • I feel secured
  • I have no problem to pursue it for a long time

The entire process will help students to know their exact position career wise, helps to best use of studentship in developing independent living being financially self reliant.


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