senior citizen care

In recent time adult, son and daughters settled in somewhere in India or outside India came to meet me for a discussion on ” how to take care of their aged parents in Kolkata”: this is obviously related to the Emotional care.

I already started my project with them at home base, but recently I have seen them getting bored to find them around with  same people and in same surroundings: they are eager to meet and talk with new people in a new set up.

It’s my proposal to you who gets chance to visit my website, if possible to help us to organise for them an Art Therapy on a regular basis at a centre/studio weekly basis( once/twice a week) for them: as I want them to find not in a dull chat but in a working mode, art & craft approach.Art helps a lot to stay young and colorful until the end of life.


Our program on Senior Citizen is the theme of following:Kothay-25th Feb'2018


We organize program at least twice in a year and help them to enjoy life


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