To whom it may address:

  • Children with Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD)
  • Adults with extremely anxiety
  • Students who have concentration/attention problem
  • Students who are awfully anxiety prone
  • Senior citizens after retirement

Art Therapy:

  • Any Art Form: may be Music/Dance/Drawing etc. which helps to find world around in an alternative way
  • If someone loves dance and music s/he can perform as well
  • But simple Art practice has some benefit:
    • At any time anywhere you can devote time when you feel like
    • Only with a set of pencils/pens you can begin
    • At any age you can start this creative practice: no age bar
    • It requires no skill as such
    • Even participants are free to practice it being alone or in group

So we from (  took decision to start our program like CREATIVE JOURNEY among the above group of people through ART PRACTICE as it brings as a whole relaxation and motivation both in a creative way using colour and strokes only..

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