• Parenting of Parents of TODLERS: 4-hr session
  • Know your child and help him/her to be brought up healthy : 4- hr sessionduration
  • AOLYKA Movement: Art of leaving Your Kids Alone: empty nest is natural: 2-hr session
  • Situation Analysis: 5-hr session
  • Positive living: 2-hr
  • Improvement of Handwriting: 7-week session , once in a week
  • Creative Practice for
    • Children: 5-week session: twice in a week, 2-hr each
    • Adult: 10-week session: once in a week, 1-hr each
    • Senior citizens: 6-month session : 15-day after of 2hr each
  • Pre-marriage counselling: 3-hr
  • Life should have purpose-coming out from empty feelings: 4-hr session
  • Growth is the life: avoid boredom & lead a healthy lifestyle: 4-hr session
  • Women’s Stress: LIFE & WORK-4-hr session
  • Anger Management: 3-hr session
  • Parents of adolescent boys & girls: how to manage them: 4 hr session
  • Life Coaching your Offsprings-3-hr session
  • For PARENTS AWARENESS program on Career Motivation of their adolescent boys/girls-4 hr session

Each session is personified session; participants can solve their challenges on the basis of their own skill: no common method is applied here: problems vary as the competencies of the parents, so individual care is applied to each participant.

Learn Graphology for better understanding people and the projective tests: DAP, Draw a Human Figure and TAT etc.

Graphology/ Handwriting Analysis:

  • As human being develops from timid status to present form it tries to express emotion to make a bridge with each others: initially it sounds, after that it took the form of Graphics which is modified finally letters/words/sentences and then finally a total composition.
  • Now-a-days writing after some days /end of education is replaced by writing gadgets: it is the irony of fate, once a student learns a skill of writing by giving effort and finally after the end of studentship loses it gradually as keyboards or virtual writing takes the place of it.
  • But handwriting is very important and it helps to know a person, to rectify its weakness and strengthen the skill of living in an assertive way.
  • For students improvement of writing under the supervision of handwriting analyst makes it in winning position in society.
  • faculty
  • Parents can know its parenting only by checking their wards’ handwriting and get a chance to modify parenting style for better growth of children.
  • Scribbles drawn by participants/interviewing in an work interview instantaneously reveal the fact of his/her emotional status
  • Concentration, openness, sadness/depression can be adjusted by following the advising strokes/colour of pencils/pens on the paper.
  • Learning disability of children can be controlled by change of their grip of pencils, scratches on the paper, forms, space and shapes of letters also
  • Drawing can be explained by application of Graphological concept and analysis.
  • Some emotional crisis (OCD/Repeated thought process / rigidity / stubbornness / rigidity / loneliness / anxiety /stress / depression etc.) can keep under control by practising suggestive drawing/using advising colour on the paper.
  • By observing picture analysis of a person interviewer can get an idea of the interviewing emotional status.
  • Recruiter, HR person can select right candidates by inspecting the strokes of his/her writing and picture drawn by the same during the process of interview.


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