It is a program making an individual work independently in the field of the Counselling process. After the end of an academic degree or during the study each one needs to have a professional exposure which will give clear concept about the vocational zones of the studying subjectIMG-20170528-WA0018s.





Features of Internship program:

During the process of internship you need to know how to take the psychological assessment as if you do not have a good idea, you will be asked to get trained from our experts: that needs deposition of payment per type of assessment module.

The process includes followings:

  • Case studies Record on
    • Career Counselling
    • Education Counselling
    • Child parents Counselling
    • Relationship Counselling
    • General counselling for the well being of mental status
  • Assessment: How to take and interpret paper-pencil & projective both
    • MBTI
    • Big-5 Personality
    • Mental Status EXamination
    • DAP
    • Picture Analysis
    • Colour Therapy and
    • Application of Art Therapy
    • Movement as a Therapy for especially ADHD boys/girls
    • Process of Students’ Mentoring
  • Internship file
  • Rehab-activities


After Internship, a student is offered

  • Experience Letter (conditions apply)
  • Certificate
  • Firsthand experience to the world of work
  • Real time exposure to different crisis and its management sessions

Handwriting Analysis, Psychological Projective Test:

We have really an integrated approach in learning handwriting analysis and Psychological Projective Tests at a time as both complements each other:

As the some Projective Tests will be easier to learn if a student has a good idea of Handwriting analysis, as such,

  • DAP
  • Draw a Human Figure
  • TAT( like Picture analysis)

Each counsellor should have a good idea of Projective Test as nobody can manipulate it: so it reveals the true picture of the emotion of anyone undergoing the process.


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