An alternative living for the well being of living as a whole; anyone anytime for better feelings in daily life as it helps to learn easily- the way  ART helps anyone is the most creative and lively way.

Art has a therapeutic healing on anyone and practising art can bring freshness in mind.

  • It is something that anyone can enjoy children/teenagers/adults and whether or not you can draw, you don’t need to be an ARTIST
  • Art Therapists are pretty talented but they were interested in helping you ‘feel better’ than ‘curing bad artwork
  • Art Therapy can tell you exactly what your drawings and artworks mean

It has a scientific basis-analysis helps you to be in peace of mind by changing

  • Colour
  • Strokes of brushes
  • Pressure

The Courses on ” ART  as a Therapeutic Measure”  Mind’s Eye organised is of 9-month Program and details of it anyone can find from the following site:



Art Therapy rehabilitates someone through ART practising-s/he may or may not be a patient, but a person getting help from art which develops gradually using pen, pencil, pastel, crayon, colour- acrylic, fabric, oil and water whatever it may be.

Colour is not just a visual sensation but it is immediately followed by perception. It is the perception that decides and identifies what has been sensed. This can be understood through:
1. The Experience of Colours
2. The Psychology of Colours
3. The Meaning of Colours

The Science of Colour Perception:
Vision is not only a result of the light entering into our eyes but also includes biological functions. The sensation of light is received in two areas of the brain.

1. The cerebral cortex, which is the centre of cognitive activity. Its job is to receive information and process it by recognising and structuring a response to each stimulus.

2. The hypothalamus or midbrain, which acts as a biological stimulus to the nervous system. The light and colour stimulations trigger the midbrain which in turn releases hormones. Hence, colour stimulus can have a very strong psychological and hence physiological influence on human affecting their needs and emotions.


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