20-Day Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)

Know your Body-Soul, enhance your Body Vocabulary as per the need and give it in a Dance Form

Eligibility for the Application:

  • Comprehension and reading skill in English
  • Education: Graduation, has teaching skill /Teacher, Special Educator, Artist: Dancer,  Students of psychology / Social science / Human development or Storyteller
  • Having good skill to work with children / young adults / senior citizens

Duration of the Course:

      For regular students :

  • Twice a week for 20-Day
  • Theory and practical both will be organized at the same time
  • Life study
  • Writing of case studies in the form of Project

Course Fees:

  •  For regular students: Rs 12, 000/- including material charges and kit

Course Dates:

  •  You may apply any time

Course Design: Syllabus: 300

Psychological part: Marks: 100

  • Child Counselling including special child and parenting
  • Adolescent Counselling and self-tutoring motivation
  • Mid life conflict
  • Being aged and facing the old age catastrophe: how to combat with loneliness and feeling of being left out by close one
  • PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •  Know about Behaviour Therapy and Behaviour Modification(BM): the concept of
  • Relaxation Technique
  • Psychopathology and use of Art Therapy

Dance Movement as a Therapeutic( DMT): Marks: 100

  • History Of DMT
  • Concept of DMT
  • Theoretical approach of DMT
  • Psychological Approach of DMT
  • Laban and Barteiniff
  • Working with imagery
  • Brain dance
  • Structuring of session: Group and Individual
  • Massage Technique
  • Improvisation, contact improvisation and authentic movement

Project: Marks 100

  • 4-case studies( Direct Clients’ Contact: Individual) or
  • Project Documentation (Group)

( using stress assessment pre- and post- program)


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