March 27, 2018

Workshop on MINDFULNESS on 18th April 2018

Join us to know how to relieve yourself in extreme conflicting condition,  one of the biggest obstacles is our being doubtful in every aspect of life; I say not being doubtful you proceed, instead of it take it as a challenge as you lack experiences of tackling it, as you grow you Continue reading Workshop on MINDFULNESS on 18th April 2018

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November 6, 2015

Art as a Therapeutic Measure

This is our presentation in a seminar for senior citizens; here we took part to show our attempt to keep senior people staying lively through prctising art under the supervision of Art Therapist: stay long stay lively and help others to be so Continue reading Art as a Therapeutic Measure

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Care for Senior Citizens

In recent time adult, son and daughters settled in somewhere in India or outside India came to meet me for a discussion on ” how to take care of their aged parents in Kolkata”: this is obviously related to the Emotional care. Continue reading Care for Senior Citizens

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September 28, 2015

Life and lifestyle

Our Life around:
do I know it?????????

Life around us, My family, My colleagues, My friends, My associates Others in our daily life

Do we have minimum ideas of their emotional status?

Slogan of life: ——-“Live lively and help people around to live so” Continue reading Life and lifestyle

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September 8, 2015

Personality development and Career orientation

I must be thankful to the College to give me scope to work with students in a 1:1 set up as it helps a lot to students to solve doubt being personal and also interact with student to know them better. Continue reading Personality development and Career orientation

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August 17, 2015

Learning Mode of your students/children

Most of the parents have no idea of their son/daughter’s learning mode, but they should have otherwise children/students can not learn as the situation demands.

It depends on the students’ physiological set up that they bring when they are born.

Have a good idea of it from the following chart: Continue reading Learning Mode of your students/children

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August 16, 2015

Career Counselling

What is right time for Career Counselling?

Being in this profession for a long time I must say that students should have career orientation when they are in class VII as it develops  students’ personality, life oriention and motivation. during the process of up bringing each student needs to have life orientation other wise going to school, learning all new subjects bring no meaning: they will remain casual in each approach. Continue reading Career Counselling

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July 17, 2015


To whom it may address:

  • Children with Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD)
  • Adults with extremely anxiety
  • Students who have concentration/attention problem
  • Students who are awfully anxiety prone
  • Senior citizens after retirement

Continue reading What is called CREATIVE PRATICES?

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