MS, ( IBMS), Chittoor, in Counelling & Psychotherapy, Graphologist from Kolkata Institute of Graphology

Centre Co-ordinator of New Alipore Branch

Hi, everybody,

Our main slogan is “You are what you write and you can write what you want to be”. By changing some strokes in one’s handwriting we change her/his way of thinking. It is useful for an individual to empower herself/himself.

  • for a student to unleash their potential
  • for parents to build their child’s future and
  • for single person to choose her/his right partner
  • for corporate to build the right work force.
    So I can say writing is the mirror of one’s personality, behavior, and attitude and if one finds some difficulty s/he can rectify it by changing some strokes in her/his writing. If a person comes to know about their strength and weakness they can choose their appropriate career also according to their potential.
    Thus I can say graphology helps you to know yourself and also brings positive changes in your life. It also enhances your capacity for stress management, time management and anger management.

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