Work Experiences of MIND”S EYE:

  • Working as Chief Executive Counsellor and Graphologist in, a Centre for Psychological Well-being and Rejuvenation
  • Attending Youth Development Programmes in Mathurapore, Lakshikantapore and Diamond Harbour-18th/19th/20th March 2013 in School level and Local clubs
  • Organizing a programme on Education counseling for children of 9-12 years and Career Counselling for children 13-15 years old at Santiniketan on 8th/9th August, 2013
  • Working as a Career Counsellor independently for college/schools
  • Attending a Career Fair( Rural area) for career counseling at Bararckpore,11th of April-16th April, 2012
  • Regular writer on psychological health and Career in different magazines and newspapers
  • Organising a Carrer Counselling programme at Chattisgarh in school level, December, 2012
  • Regular writer in two Periodical, Suswastha and Bhagyabarta , The HITAVADA, Raipur on Psychological Counselling and Graphology
  • Interviewed by Times of India on Parenting and off-bit Career Option
  • Best Business
  • Interviewed by Anandabazar Patrika on Votes and Devotees
  • Interviewed by Hindustan Times on Exam stress of Youngsters
  • Interviewed by Prathama on Geriatric Care
  • Interviewed by ALAP-Parba on Career Counselling
  • Helped to organise many programmes on Adolescence problem in Schools  and NGOs
  • Independently in practice for 12-years –on 1:1 interaction and Group Counselling
  • Focus on Career Counselling, Parent-Child Counselling , Parenting, Relationship , Pre-marriage Counselling, Family Counselling and Stress Counselling etc.
  • Career Counselling of orthopedically handicapped college students of Behrampore Govt. Girls’ College
  • Career Counselling in Fine Arts College( UGC Recognised) at Chandpara, 24 pgs( North)  for six months, 2012
  • Organizing a programme on Education counseling for children of 9-12 years and Career  Counselling for children 13-15 years old at Santiniketan on 8th/9th August, 2013
  • Organising programme on Parents Child Counselling in KIDZEE Kamalgazi, Kolkata South July, 2013
  • Organize  on Assertive Training,  Anger Management, Parenting and Stress Management
  • Organizing classes on Psychology related Graphology.
  • Publication of a book on Parenting and Signature in Bengali
  • Going to publish a book on Human relationship.Developing Project Works on different psychological issues
    I.    Indecision of Career Selection among Adolescents;
    II.    Causes of disharmony/restless in Love-in-relationship
    III.    Graphology may treat as one of the projective tests of selection of future Career
    IV.    To find out the trend of adolescent Students who are mostly like to be in creatively vibrant profession/careers”     – prefer less theoretical studies and more training program
    V.    How is marital relationship of today! – Among marital couple staying together for more than 20-25 years
    VI.    Most common PARENTING of Parents of today in Kolkata: How they are parenting their children.
    VII.     A project on MUTISM among the kindergarten children: parents of toddlers are complaining very often-in search of findings the causes
    VIII.    Toddlers develop Eating Tantrums now-a-days-parents of kindergarten are reporting-findings the causes and means to tackle the situation if, it is there
    IX.    Comparing pet-owners and non-pet owners: of their Personality and Emotions.
  • Organised programme on Behaviour Management of Children for Bidhan Shishu Udyan, Kolkata
  • Organising  four 1-Day Personality Development Programme among Adolescents at Ngo level in 24 Pgs, ( South)
  • Recently works as a  freelancer in a Web newspaper, Chattisgarh as psychologist
  • Orgainising programme on Parenting Style of students
  • Organizing Youth Development Programme in ART COLLEGE, Chandpara, UGC recognized
  • Assist student in developing PROJECTS on various Psychological Issues
  • Organizing a Career Counselling sponsored by Canara Bank in Bijoy Krishna Girls’ collage( Howrah Girls’ College) at near Howrah Maidan among college students of strength 200 on 29th November( Friday), 2013.
  • Organizing Career Guidance and counseling in Chattisgarh under Lion’s Club-it was not completed due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Organising a Career /Education/Parenting Counselling/Workshop in Nepal on 04th/05th/06th/07th April, 2014 in collaboration with Nepal  Maheshwari Mahila Sangathan
  • Organising a Career /Education/Parenting Counselling/Workshop in Budge Budge, HPCL, on 20th/26th/July, 2014
  • Induction programme on Psychological Issues in student community in Guru Nanak Hotel Management College, 25th July, 2014
  • Child Counselling and Parenting  programme at KIDZEE, Kamalgazi, on 6th August, 2014
  • Child Counselling and Parenting  programme at KIDZEE, Gariahat, on 6th August, 2014
  • Graphological Analysis at Birla Sun Life, Howrah-January,2015
  • Graphological Analysis at Birla Sun Life, Contai-February,2015
  • Organizing  Sress Management among women trainees at BOI Training Centre, Ballygunj Place India, on Women’s Day, 2015
  • Program on ART THERAPY for Senior Citizens , Dec, 2014
  • Presenting a program on Art as a Therapeutic measure for senior citizens at Dignity Foundation, Feb, 2015
  • Works as a Resource Person in the field of  School Psychology in some schools of in and around of Kolkata
  • Attending events as Handwriting Analyst, April, 2015
  • Organisisng programme is an on-going process; so it is a running process
  • Recently executed a workshop on “Opportunity for enhancing of LIFE CHOICES” among the college students in general in Andul  Pabhu Jagabandhu College, Howrah, 25th August, 2015
  • Organising a Career Worshop in Dunkuni Ramkrishna Shishu Thirtha School on 3rd /20th Of September, 2015
    Career Counselling
    Career Counselling

    Opportunity for enhancing LIFE CHOICES
    Opportunity for enhancing LIFE CHOICES
  • Organising a Program on “ Parenting and Busy Family) in DHL, Salt Lake, Sector V( Corporate Social Responsibility) on 25th September, 2015
  • 2nd Day-2 5

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